About EW Immobilien Real Estate GmbH, Germany

Since 2005, the real estate agency EW Immobilien Real Estatehas GmbH offered a full range of services related to searching, purchasing and managing real estate in Germany. For more than 10 years we have been representing the interests of local owners as well as buyers from all around the world. Our company believes that every case is unique and we do our best to create a "win-win" situation where both parties (the buyer and the seller) win from the agreement.

Our company promises the best German level of service along with the accuracy and reliability. At the same time, we can offer open communication in your own language and provide a clear vision of what you need.

Top facts that prove EW Immobilien Real Estate's credibility include:

EW Immobilien Real Estate is profitable

● We work without intermediaries. Our employees are located in different countries to work with clients. So, There will be no additional fees and charges added to the cost of services.

● Mortgages up to 2-3% annually. We have a long and well-established relations with the largest German banks that allow us to offer good terms for mortgages and financing of real estate for non-residents. As a rule, the rate in Germany varies from 2 to 3%. Taking into account the growth in prices of 4.5-5% per year, mortgages in Germany - it is still a profitable financial lever that makes it possible to buy real estate on credit with virtually no interest.

EW Immobilien Real Estate is reliable

● Our head office is located in the center of Berlin. Our agency is officially registered in Germany and has a license for real estate transactions, this means we are working within the framework of the legislation of Germany. We are aware of all the peculiarities of local legal and administrative procedures.

● We do a legal verification of each property from our database. Before any residential or commercial property goes into our database, we send all documents for legal verification to lawyers (in order to make sure that the documents are clean).

EW Real Estate in numbers

* 12 years of successful experience in the real estate market in Germany   
* 2000 residential and 1500 commercial properties in the database
* 327 real estate properties were sold in Germany in 2016
* 23 verified well-established construction companies
* 6 German banks work with us
* 3% is the maximum interest rate that you will get for your financing of the real    estate

EW Real Estate is convenient

● More than 3,500 properties to choose from. An extremely important thing to mention is that our goal is not just to sell properties in Germany but to satisfy your needs.

● One client - one realtor. One of our main advantages is that during the transaction you are accompanied by the same certified real estate specialist. This approach allows the realtor to examine your needs in detail and eventually offer the best option. At the same time, you establish business relations with one person. So, there is no need to repeat your wishes from time to time.

● All services for registration and maintenance of real estate. We strive to save the client from any difficulties related to the search and management of real estate in Germany. The client hires a legal consultant to draft and analyze the contract. The buyer can either search for specialists on their own or entrust the search with our professionals.

● 100% confidentiality. We guarantee that any details of your transaction will not be disclosed to the third parties.

● All in English. We know very well how important it is to understand what decision to take at a given moment. In all stages of the transaction you will be accompanied by an experienced translator, and after buying - all household and legal issues will be taken over by the management company and tax adviser.

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