Germany Property News

Mortgage rates in Germany Hit Their 10 Years Maximum
Mortgage interest rates in Germany have reached their highest levels in the last eleven years. As a result, a significant drop in a number of requests for mortgage loans is currently taking place. According to the European Central Bank (ECB), the average…
Property prices in major German cities are declining
As recent study of the German real estate market shows, almost all major cities recently began to experience property price decline after years of prices rising. The reason for this phenomenon lies in a number of factors, such as real estate revaluation,…
The German government is planning to help people with the purchase of real estate
As of today, Germany has the lowest level of property ownership in the EU. According to the official government data, only 42.1% of families own housing units they live in directly, while the remaining 57.9% of families live in rented houses and apartments.…
Demand for real estate in Germany is rising
Despite the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the German real estate market continues to show steady growth - both the primary and secondary market. According to the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), real estate…
The cost of real estate on the German North Sea islands is rapidly rising
The latest report published by the real estate agency Von Poll showed that housing prices in Germany on the islands in the North Sea are skyrocketing. According to the agency, prices for real estate in the North Frisian Islands (located in Schleswig-Holstein)…
Tenants may be exempt from utility charges
The German Tenants' Association has proposed abolishing heating bills. The initiative has a simple rationale: the tenant pays the full heating bill without having any say over maintenance work that might reduce heat loss in the home. The project is currently…
Average home size increases in Germany
The average home size in Germany has grown by 20% in the last 30 years, and this trend is gaining momentum. According to experts from Empirica Regio, Germans are increasingly opting for larger homes. The study included all German cities with a population…
Real estate in Germany may rise in price by 13% within a year
German Real Estate portal Immoscout24 predicts that rental prices may rise in five major German cities, with prices in Berlin expected to be higher than in other areas. According to the latest research by Immoscout24, property prices in Berlin could…
First 3D-printed residential building was completed in Germany
The first residential building, fully printed on a special-purpose 3D printer, was completed on a turnkey basis in the town of Beckum, in North Rhine-Westphalia. The pilot project of this kind is a two-storey house with rounded corners, a flat roof and…
Research shows that residents of German cities spend half their salary on apartment rent
As per the study conducted by Hans Böckler Stiftung, an analyst at the University of Berlin, housing expenses of German households reach as much as 50% - an alarmingly large proportion. Furthermore, considering the fact that this trend is common…
Growth of rental rates in Germany reached 40% over the past five years
A recent study by Immowelt Property Search Portal showed that rents on new contracts have increased in at least 80 major German cities over the past five years. Furthermore, in 34 of them this growth exceeded 20%. Moreover, rents for new apartments advertised…
Experts predict an increase in German property prices
In 2021, analysts predict a rise in real estate prices for at least 4 percent. DPA, a German news agency, had recently quoted Stefan Mitropoulos, an expert in real estate: “The housing market in Germany is surprisingly stable”. The expert…
The German rental market have changed
Interest in suburban areas throughout the country has grown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The German rental property market have been reshaped by consequences of 2020-21 Coronavirus pandemic. An average increase in rental price was just 1.6 percent, an…
FAP reports a stable-high interest in the real estate finance market in Germany among major investors from South Korea
According to FAP Group, an independent consultancy firm based in Germany and specializing in arranging and structuring of capital for property acquisitions and development projects, many large players in the German Real Estate market originated from…
Sixty Five Million Euros Raised by Barton Group for German Real Estate Fund
Barton Group, a German fully integrated, family-run nationwide real estate investment company, reported about its near-future plans to receive more than sixty five million Euros in capital commitments. This amount is intended for a fund owned by the…