Germany Property News

Research shows that residents of German cities spend half their salary on apartment rent
As per the study conducted by Hans Böckler Stiftung, an analyst at the University of Berlin, housing expenses of German households reach as much as 50% - an alarmingly large proportion. Furthermore, considering the fact that this trend is common…
Growth of rental rates in Germany reached 40% over the past five years
A recent study by Immowelt Property Search Portal showed that rents on new contracts have increased in at least 80 major German cities over the past five years. Furthermore, in 34 of them this growth exceeded 20%. Moreover, rents for new apartments advertised…
Experts predict an increase in German property prices
In 2021, analysts predict a rise in real estate prices for at least 4 percent. DPA, a German news agency, had recently quoted Stefan Mitropoulos, an expert in real estate: “The housing market in Germany is surprisingly stable”. The expert…
The German rental market have changed
Interest in suburban areas throughout the country has grown amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The German rental property market have been reshaped by consequences of 2020-21 Coronavirus pandemic. An average increase in rental price was just 1.6 percent, an…
FAP reports a stable-high interest in the real estate finance market in Germany among major investors from South Korea
According to FAP Group, an independent consultancy firm based in Germany and specializing in arranging and structuring of capital for property acquisitions and development projects, many large players in the German Real Estate market originated from…
Sixty Five Million Euros Raised by Barton Group for German Real Estate Fund
Barton Group, a German fully integrated, family-run nationwide real estate investment company, reported about its near-future plans to receive more than sixty five million Euros in capital commitments. This amount is intended for a fund owned by the…
Regions of Germany with the highest ratio of annual rent to purchase price of real estate – The Housing Atlas 2020
In June, Postbank and the Hamburg Institute for International Economics conducted the Housing Atlas 2020 study. Analysts calculated how many annual rents are required to be paid in different regions of Germany to spend a total amount equivalent to the…
Homes in Germany are getting bigger, despite the housing crisis
Despite the fact that there is an acute shortage of housing in many German cities, the actual size of units, according to new data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis), had increased in size. Noteworthy, despite the fact that over…
German Economy is Expecting a Major Recovery
In an updated economic outlook prepared by The Institute for Economic Research (IFO), a research center based in Munich, it is confirmed that the German economy is to suffer a possible decrease reaching as high as 6.6% in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak,…
Coronavirus pandemic did not affect the real estate market in Germany
Contrary to a number of gloomy forecasts that were heard earlier, the coronavirus pandemic could not bring down the real estate market in Germany. Moreover, some analysts even argue that investors should consider buying real estate during this period.…
Things to Do in Lower Saxony
Lower Saxony is the second largest state in Germany, following the landlocked federal state of Bavaria . It’s situated in the north west, bordering the North Sea as well as the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg,…
Things to Do in Baden-Baden
Situated in south-west Germany, Baden-Baden is a stunning spa town that’s not too far off the border of France. It’s located at the north-western border of the Black Forest mountain range on the small river Oos, offering some of the most…
Your guide to Dresden
About Dresden Dresden is known as an idyllic place for tourists and residents alike. Located in Eastern Germany, bordering with the Czech Republic. The population stands at over 500,0000 people, with a large portion consisting of native Germans, due…
Moving to Germany
Looking to relocate to Germany? Packing up your household belongings and moving somewhere new can be challenging, but these five things should help to make things a little easier. Thanks to our comprehensive guide, moving to Germany can be something…
Things to do in Saxony
Top Things To Do In Saxony Saxony has always been a popular tourist destination for good reasons. With the likes of Dresden & Leipzig bringing in a large amount of traffic through. Saxony offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Germany, thanks…