Things to do in Saxony

From natural landscapes to historic cities

July 03, 2019
Things to do in Saxony

Top Things To Do In Saxony

Saxony has always been a popular tourist destination for good reasons. With the likes of Dresden & Leipzig bringing in a large amount of traffic through. Saxony offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Germany, thanks to its stunning landscapes such as the Ore Mountains & Saxon Switzerland national park that look like something straight out of a movie. More of a city fan? Saxony is home to true craftsmanship featuring numerous Renaissance, Baroque and other period buildings that will make anyone with a keen eye drool.
“The jewel of the European culture that has inspired the creative potential of all nations” - Saxony tourism
Saxony has it all, so whether you want to adventure around the bustling city and visit historic museums, go clubbing, relaxing in a cafe/restaurant and many of the niche places to eat and chill with your friends. Or if you want to witness nature at its finest you can adventure around stunning forests, mountains and national parks, the option is there for you.
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Weird places to visit in Dresden

If you’re in Dresden you have to visit the courtyard of elements, it is a very strange and exciting place to visit. Located within the student district, Kunsthofpassage essentially became an art project by the tenants who installed art installations on their homes. From singing drain pipes that turns the rain into a symphony (it really does). There are many more installations including the courtyard of animals, of light and metamorphoses.

The oldest suspension railway in the world can be found in Dresden, Schwebebahn Dresden has been running since 1901 and consists of 33 towers that run up the hillside, stretching over 900 metres. It is only €3 so it's hardly going to break the bank and is worth it just for the history it holds.

Leipzig is the new Berlin

Leipzig has been growing in popularity year after year, with a renovation process of unused industrial sites getting gentrified into modern art galleries and workshops, making Leipzig a haven for creatives.
With the river Elbe running through the heart of the city, it’s a romantic setting to go for a river boat tour where you can get a unique view of the opera house, the royal palace, the cathedral the iconic blue wonder bridge. Or dine out in one of the many fine restaurants that overlooks the impressive river.

Outdoor activities in Saxony 

Saxon Switzerland National Park

This wonderous national park is arguably the most exciting and most beautiful areas in the whole of Germany. With distinct geological formations that look like jagged fingers (Schrammsteine), the deep fissures at Affensteine, waterfalls and endless valleys. Every step you take will leave you in awe. If you do visit here make sure to walk across the Bastei bridge, you won’t regret it.

Gardens of Pillnitz Castle

If you adventure just outside of Dresden you will come across Saxony’s pride and joy. Pillnitz castle is a very popular tourist destination motivating thousands of people to visit the beautiful gardens. If you love traditional Baroque-style architecture then you’re going to enjoy yourself at Pillnitz.

Saxony is home to classical music

Saxony was and still are the masters of classical music. The composers who hailed from here are imperative to the popularity of the genre, with the likes of Bach, Wagner, Ludwig & Mendelssohn all producing masterpieces in Saxony. Robert & Carlak Schumann’s house has been converted into a museum that is a must visit for anyone who appreciates the art form. Want to visit one of the best opera houses in the world? Then you need to visit the Semper opera house in Dresden, with its impressive stature and sensational Neo-Renaissance interior design. The venue is typically sold out but if you can get a ticket it’s one for the bucket list.

Things to do in Saxony

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