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Your guide to Bremen


Located in Northwest Germany, alongside the Weser river. With a relatively low population of just under 600,000. Bremen is one of Germany’s industrial hubs, with the highest export ratio in 2017 (65.4%). Ranking third for real-term economic growth, with a large Mercedez-Benz plant that hires over 12,000 people, the 2nd largest vehicle production centre in the world. With over 1,300 industrial companies and service providers in the maritime sector, making it an excellent location for companies to invest.
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Fun fact: The world’s most popular beer is brewed in Bremen – with some 3,000 bottles of Beck’s beer being drunk every minute. Bremen is an archive of historic moments, stretching back over 1200 years, with world heritage sites, the iconic Gothic town hall from 1405, music halls, St. Peters cathedral & so many more beautiful places to visit.

There are a lot of extraordinary places to eat in Bremen, from the Alexander von Humboldt ship, the Beck’shaus, with traditional Kale and Pinkel, labskaus and Knipp to enjoy!


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